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Unhappy Re: Style for the generation.

Originally Posted by SkasualFailure View Post
Well I typed out a long story, then my internet crashed so I am just gonna make it short this time. It started backfiring a lot, and during one particularly nasty backfire, the fuel hose popped off. Oil/gas started pouring down my leg and I didn't notice that my sparkplug cover popped loose as well. The gas leaked onto the engine in the sparkplug, backfired again, caught it all on fire as well as my leg, I was 6 miles from home and had to bike home holding the clutch with third degree burns on my leg. That was the end of Skannabelle 1.3 Now version 2.0 is almost up an running, need a new spark plug, fuel line, throttle cable (in the near future, not immediately necessary), and hand grips (also not necessary at the moment).
Very sorry to hear this Skasual, sux your leg caught fire. Hope you heal up real soon.
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