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That makes more sense now, god forbid that there are extra parts. My father always told me that it's good luck to have spare parts.... it is just more efficient engineering when you can put it together without all the parts

I would love to have the actual instruction manual that outlines the correct way to install everything. Literally there were 6 numbered instructions for the entire thing. "Put engine on bike and mount." that does not help me.
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It went smoother than expected, which is not saying much but it is a blessing. I bought the chain break tool today, so the only thing lacking is the gasoline. Is sizing the chain difficult? I watched the video by the bicycle tutor about the chain break but I don't want to screw it up.

As for the carburetor: what should the settings be for the carb? I am sure as well there are tutorials out there for this, so I will do the research.

I really like you guys, helpful without the banter... it's nice and refreshing for a change. "I'll never smoke **** with Willie again, my party's all over before it begins. In the fetal position..."

Rumor has it these bikes generate power of 6v, but how many amps? If they produce a couple of amps, where can I get a 6v headlight?
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