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Originally Posted by wayne z View Post
Unfortuatly, "Hold Harmless" Agreements are not much protection at all. Ask any lawyer. If there's money in it for them, they will eagerly fight it in court.. Especialy if someone becomes permanantly incapacitated or dies on something that you built. There's no protection at all to keep the family from suing.

I used to be an Ultralight instructor, and after dealing with a few crazy students, I decided that I was exposing myself and my estate to too much liability risk.
^ Interesting, I happen to also be a very part time hot air balloonist ( 34k ultralight single place ) And If I remember my FAR, and pilot training manuals. There were some examples of the so called " hold harmless agreements " and in them they went to great lengths to also include any family members, relatives. siblings, friends, and any business associates from suing, or any legal action whatsoever... I guess it would help to have an attorney type this up for you. Seems like then, it should be pretty air tight?

Peace, James
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