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Default Re: Cold and/or Wet and Snowy Weather

Originally Posted by Large Filipino View Post
One little trick I'd like to share as far as gloves go is get one of them cheap one dollar gloves usually brown in color you find in the garden section at a hardware store. Put those on then put on some latex gloves over them (I believe Costco has them or medical supply stores or even at the doctor's office make sure no one is looking most won't care if you only take a few). The latex gloves shield your hands from wind. With the cheap glove acting as a liner against your skin it's really comfortable. Then put your winter gloves over the latex gloves.
Believe me your hands will be toastier than your feet.
When I ride in the winter time I honestly believe I can hear what is coming out of people's minds when I pass them. I can honestly hear them say "There goes the village idiot."
I just ignore them and smile.
I'm sure your doctor will give you his used latex gloves for free.
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