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Default Re: build and sell

I've thought of it- too old and stiff though.

Personally I wouldn't plan on anything but small scale- at least at first-

Jacksonville here is like a Mecca of old beach cruisers- One could build here with $50 crfuisers and kits- but on the other hand there;s already quite a few MB's on Craigslist-
i don't think I could move a great many- but I'd probably do one or two at a time and try to clear maybe a hundred dollars or so- one or two a month could be a nice income supplement.

Nothing exotic- but that could be a different market if you're into that.

I have one friend here who tried it a few years back- He seemed to think that most people weren't capable of fiddlin with them. That sort of seems true. Or they don't WANT to fiddle with them.

I've ridden mine here in town for several years- and I see others- it's never been a problem with the authorities- but, like scooters, it hasn't caught on as much as I first thought- as long as gas stays lower- but if that changes suddenly the market could swing back
Here in the warm climate- my bikes really are a lot of transportation for a little investment. But I've worked as a bike mechanic and been in cycling all my life.
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