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Originally Posted by j3000 View Post
Well I already bought my engine a 2 stroke BGF. Any advise about new parts I might need.
Well, I haven't run a BGF kit, but I would say you should start out by replacing the spark plug with an NGK BP6HS, personally I would replace the plug wire and boot as well. If you weigh over 200lbs I would recommend you replace the chain with some #41 chain, though I can't comment on the chain BGF supplies, the chain in my Grubee kits was garbage. I replaced the throttle too, but that was more out of choice than necessity. The fuel valve leaves much to be desired, the flow is weak and they tend to leak, I replaced that this year too, but this would be more choice than necessity as well. The head, exhaust, intake and mounting studs are usually pretty weak, I replaced them this year as well with a nice set from SBP. Not exactly sure what size studs come on a BGF motor so you better get a look at what you got before you order anything there. Thats probably another optional upgrade, but its better than having a stud break off in your motor...
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