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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

Figured I would leave a couple basic tips since I'm sure ill be taking a few once I read through 50+ pages of ideas plus the ones I've already used from other sections of the forum for my first kit build.

Tip #1 should be common sense but just incase: lock up your bike through the frame and the front spokes, if you only lock up the wheel its easy to remove and easy to replace, if you only lock up your frame then just hope some1 needing new wheels and tires for the bike they just stole doesn't come by with a crescent wrench.
Tip #2: Power to weight ratio really does effect performance and maybe more than you realize, I've been told that in race cars every 10lbs. lost is like adding 1hp, with these kits and working on a much smaller scale weight and hp wise the change in performance could be more or less noticable, I highly doubt that the less than 3hp engine could be comparable to a 10hp motor if I dropped 100lbs but who knows? 3 hp with 150lb kid on it vs a 10 hp with a 250lb kid on it with all other factors remaining constant (gearing, fuel mix, aero dynamics) who would win? I guess the bottom line is we could all lose 10lbs and its not gonna hurt nothin lol
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