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Default Re: New engine worries ( 1st build)

I think there is some confusion in this thread about rich and lean when it comes to oil/gas mix, when discussing air/fuel ratios more fuel does mean a more rich mix but with all my years of riding 2 stroke dirtbikes the more oil in the fuel the more rich the fuel is, for example when racing and having issues with plug fouling during races I went to the local kawasaki dealer for advice and was told to lean it out to 40:1 instead of 32:1 that I was running. I think when dealing with oil/gas mix it is more rich in oil @ 32:1 (rich meaning more) and more lean @ 40:1 (lean meaning less). With air/fuel mixture the fuel is what is addressed when saying rich/lean meaning more/less and when discussing oil/gas mixture the oil is addressed when saying rich or lean.
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