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Default Re: my bike was stolen!

If I read it right you were still considering pressing charges... You can't bc he did return it, even though he took it and returning it doesn't right the wrong the police will laugh at you for trying to press charges for theft when you are in possesion of the stolen property, you could pay $50 and take him to small claims court but even if you win the case it doesn't garuntee payment. Glad you got your bike back hopefully with a free lesson learned! Technically he didn't steal your bike bc you let him have it for the test ride, even if he test rode it for longer than expected, as soon as you tell the police you let him ride it they will not listen to another word, for example if you give your car keys to a buddy to run to the store and back and he takes it to mexico you still gave him the keys with permission to take it. The law doesn't say when a test ride is no longer a test ride and there is no way to prove that it was only supposed to be a test ride vs. borrowing it for a few days.
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