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Default Bite the bullet

Currently in the process of installing my chinese motor that arrived today and it became readily apparent that the lack of instructions included in my shipping box is what is making me lack a complete project today. I have been reading a lot and a lot of my questions have already been asked and answered but I have not been able to find the answers to these questions.

1. I have some parts that I have no idea what in the world they are. Could the collective help me identify them? (I know: the chain tensioner, the sprocket cover, the CDI, and the fuel tube. The other stuff I have no clue: The copper piece with a screw, the circular metal tube with 4 holes,the springs, and the plate with 3 hole and a bolt in it.)

2. The chain, I would assume that the nut holding the sprocket on the motor would have to be removed for the chain to be successfully added on, and I need to buy a chain break to re-size the chain. N'est pas?

3. Before starting the motor for the first time should I take out the spark plug and and put some oil in there or would that be excessive with the oil already in the gas?

4. Anyone like to come and drink a few beers while giving good advice? (Austin, TX)

Thanks guys, sorry to be such a noob.
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