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Default Re: 1st build and rough running

Yupper ! My hub did blow and I haven't found a replacement as of yet . At least not one that Isn't going to cost me more than I paid for the bike . I Bought a 26 inch rear wheel and raped the front wheel off my old mongoose . Its still actually looks pretty good .
I am running a 2 stroke and my fuel mixture is to manufacturers spec's I don't remember but I think It was 8oz's oil to a gallon of gas . I'd have to look it up . I'm an old fart with a short memory . lol . As far as modification's the only thing I've done motor and drive train wise is get rid of the chain tensioner . It Didn't matter what I did to it it kept throwing the chain at high and low speed causing me to brake 2 of them . The motor I'm running is a 66/80 starfire with somewhere around 3 hours on it .
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