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Wink Re: WCC SO-CAL Special Frame Build....

Yeah, it's great to see a father and son racing together and against one another in the same race. I raced with my dad in a few desert races way back when. I've got 4 sons myself, none race with or against me but I'm ok with that as I don't need anymore competition than I'm already up me

I really want too thank everyone who helped me make it to the finals when I blew the exhaust pipe off my bike in the second superbike heat race! Dennis, Neil, the guy parked behind me (sorry, I don't think I caught your name) and all the others. This is what really made my night as a situation arose that would normally be the end of racing that day, turned around with the determination and wit of several people I was able to weld the pipe back together with bubblegum and a spent ale can to go on and race the final event.

Thanks friends (and opponents), I was able to finish 5th place overall and third of the gas bikes. Hmmm, third? Is that like #3?

And a I must also thank Baird for putting on this event, had a fun time and enjoyed the track and fellow racers as always.

Wanna Race?

EDIT: My apologies Jeff, seems I forgot which forum I was posting in and got a little carried away. Hope you don't mind as I'm not gonna double post on my rant. See ya Bro. U know who?
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