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Default Re: I'm Getting a Moped Instead

Originally Posted by 5-7HEAVEN View Post
I beg to differ.

You can build a fast moped to go 70mph-80mph. There are high-perf parts, disc brakes, water-cooled conversions. The biggest advantage with building a moped is the abundance of qualified mechanics and shops who can do all the mods and repairs or fix the problems that you as an amateur cannot.

Yes, we are a bunch of do-it-yourselfers...for the most part. We don't need go fasters and dangly things that shine installed by a mechanic. We learn to fix our own.

The biggest disadvantage of motorizing a bicycle is that there is no support to assist me if I screw up or get in over my head. Aside from the priceless information and support on this forum, I am alone, outside of the box.

Exactly why I ride 'em....I don't carry a cell phone "just in case" either, I like the adventure and "I'm on my own-ness".

I'd love to build a monster moped, maybe a vintage Honda 50 with dual disc brakes and a quiet, powerful late-model fuel-injected 250cc Vespa engine stuffed under its panels. The only thing stopping me is I know some jerk will eventually steal it
Building a monster moped would be like building a motorized bike, then you are back to square one if you are the OP.