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Unhappy Please help! Engine not working :(

I have a 66cc motor from BGF and it has given me nothing but trouble. Most recently my throttle cable snapped, luckily I had a replacement. Now with this new one, the cable doesn't seem to move as freely, so it will sometimes get stuck WOT and the spring doesn't have enough resistance to bring it back, but once I twist back it's fine. Anyway, I put in on and with my petcock open all the way it would bog and WOT would be really low RPM and only 15 mph tops, then i would close the petcock, and it would start to go faster, up to 30-33. I let it sit for about 15 minutes because I got frustrated and then when I tried to ride it again it wouldn't start I checked the cylinder, an the piston rings, all good, good compression. I took the spark plug out and I know for a fact that sparks (gave me a nasty shock while I was riding). I emptied the float, refilled it, and still nothing. It just turns over and shoots unburned gas out of the exhaust. I am at a total loss, any help would be appreciated. To recap, checked spark, kill switch disconnected, Good compression, it's getting fuel, it's turning over, but just not starting up. I could really use any help you folks have to offer, I'm just so frustrated.
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