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Default Re: I'm Getting a Moped Instead

Originally Posted by jburr36 View Post
We build our bikes. We don't build mopeds. Therefore getting a moped is such a wimpy, gutless, and lazy, non creative choice.
I beg to differ.

You can build a fast moped to go 70mph-80mph. There are high-perf parts, disc brakes, water-cooled conversions. The biggest advantage with building a moped is the abundance of qualified mechanics and shops who can do all the mods and repairs or fix the problems that you as an amateur cannot.

The biggest disadvantage of motorizing a bicycle is that there is no support to assist me if I screw up or get in over my head. Aside from the priceless information and support on this forum, I am alone, outside of the box.

I'd love to build a monster moped, maybe a vintage Honda 50 with dual disc brakes and a quiet, powerful late-model fuel-injected 250cc Vespa engine stuffed under its panels. The only thing stopping me is I know some jerk will eventually steal it.