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Default Re: Finished build, won't turn over. :(

Originally Posted by omahadlr View Post
Plulled the spark plug out and it was black and sooty. never seen a sparkplug with 3 prongs. There is another sparkplug that came with the kit that looks like a normal sparkplug with 1 prong. I'll try that one.
All the plugs that come with the kits are crap, the three prong one is said to be better. Most people seem to be running an NGK BP6HS plug, as am I, it's a much better plug.
So it seems she has been firing, but was it soaking WET? Trying to determine if it's not starting due to flooding... At any rate, roll the bike around (with the fuel valve OFF) to clear out the cylinder and put in the new or cleaned plug, then turn on the fuel valve and try to start her up right away...
Depending on the angle the carb is mounted you might need to do a float adjustment, that is really common with the CNS carb. If there is too much fuel in the bowl that can cause an over rich condition. But lets cross that bridge when we come to it, after you get her running and see how she performs....
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