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Default Re: First kit build here in arkansas

Well I guess I could remove the Id plate bc the serial # is stamped on the sprocket cover but I've heard that your not supposed to remove any identifying marks on a motor or it could be considered stolen or something, ill probly remove it. As far as the mirror and helmet laws there isn't any in this state, I guess they are advocates of natural selection around here lol. I think ill be cutting the 6v line from the cdi and going with battery power, whenever I go on night rides with the dirtbike I tape flashlights to my fore arms but I'm going to be using this as a commuter gas saver and that would just be too much tape (hurts like heck removing the tape if I'm not wearing long sleeves too) I would tape a flashlight to the handlebars but the tweakers around here will steal anything that isn't bolted down, I'm wondering if I can use a rifle scope mount to fit those cheap $5 led flashlights you see at the gas stations, I guess ill see what they have at walmart for bicycle lights. Thanks for all your help tonight, I appreciate you sending me down the right bike path!
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