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Don't worry about the 48cc law. For your size you'll need the extra power. Just if there's a tag that says the cc remove it. There's no way they will know as the bigger one is the same size outside.
The only thing I worry about is here the law says cannot exceed 30mph. And I know they will pull mopeds/ motor bicycles over here if you do more than 35mph or do 30+ in a 25 zone.

As for headlight I'm running 2 led bicycle headlights and its more than enough. The law here says headlight/ tail light must be visable from 500feet. Beleave it or not on my one bike for a tail light I have a single red led that can be seen from 700 feet so if all you need is 250feet that should be no problem at all.
Now if your wanting light that is better for you to see at night then you'll have to try a few things but my favoriet is a high power cree led flashlight.

I won't tap into the motor to power lights because when I did the cdi wasn't getting enough power to run correctly. Also if the motor dies so do the lights.

Did you check the laws for mirrors?

I think I'm supposed to have at least one but I've got none and still not pulled over. They pulled me over for a non dot helmet tho.

For the flashlight look here

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