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Default First kit build here in arkansas

Hi all, ill be breaking my motor in this weekend, grubee skyhawk 66cc, first kit build, I did build a 5hp briggs & straton mounted on a walmart mtn bike when I was 14 that was all made from scrap laying around, now that I'm 26 and after thinking about how much fun that was I invested in a kit thinking it would be a lot more simple to build, got the majority of the kit installed in about 6hrs and that was taking my time to make sure everything was right, only issues I ran into was the stuck clutch plate, stripped out 2 of the bolts on the sprocket, cut the chain too short and had to salvage a link and knock a pin out of the scrap chain and press it into the link I had to add onto the existing chain (I did measure twice but I still cut the wrong link like a tard) and the exhaust clearing the pedal was a simple fix, I don't recommend it but I bolted it onto the motor and just bent it by hand while knowing it could damage the top end or shear the bolts but it didn't. You'll probably hear from me this weekend after break in or if something breaks ill be ranting about how cheap these things are made, I'm basically counting on the already low quality chain to break and bend my rim to worthlessness since I had to add a link but I guess we'll see how she goes!

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