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Default Re: 0.0 Is this a CRACK?!

Originally Posted by Sgt. Howard View Post
I EXCLUSIVELY build on WalMart Huffys. I have not experianced a frame failure yet... and that's after seven builds and three sales.
I've had more issues with the China Trollop motor and it's componants than anything else...
A pricey bike can fail just as easily as a cheap one-
Mind you, I go through every bike- I inspect, dissasemble, clean, lube, re-assemble, adjust each machine before installing the motor.
I detest ragmounts- so the customer gets a rather thoroughly built machine.
Time invested with experiance makes a difference.
Well Sarge we certainly differ on what a 'rather thoroughly built machine' means.

With all due respect sir all I see is a guy slapping the cheapest motor kit on the cheapest bike he can find and sending it out with just a coaster brake.

Rag joint sprockets serve a purpose, they provide a slight cush between the rapid RPM changes and 2-stroke motor pulses to the hub.

Sure, those hub mount sprockets are easier as it's a 2 man job to do a rag joint right as it is an art to do right, my shop mate and I can have a rag sprocket mounted dead true in all 3 directions in 15 minutes with a 10mm socket equipped drill and a box end 10mm wrench these days.

I guess what bothers me most is you are wiling to spend almost the cost of the whole bike on a $70 hub mount sprocket to make it easier for you but you won't spring $15 for a front C brake?

Nothing ever leaves my shop with just one brake and most coaster brake bikes get front and rear C brakes on a dual pull handle and the coaster is a back-up brake. Depending on the bike I like to pull that 18T rear sprocket and drop in a 19T for $6 when we put on the rag sprocket on and brake. It makes it much easier to pedal start and as a bonus makes the coaster brake work better.

It's not so much the frame on cheap bikes that fail (until a critical time like a pot hole) it's the rear hub.
It isn't a matter of IF a huffy rear hub will fail, it's how soon. 40 miles or 400 miles because they will fail, you can bank on it, my bike bone yard is littered with Cranbooks they bought from a local guy that builds like you do.

Even he has quit using Wally bikes and BoyGoFast motors since I opened up shop here and now competing with me using the same basic SKyhawk motor Macargi bike combo, just cheaper because he doesn't do any mods and only charges $50 a build for labor.

Again Sarge I'm not trying to 'get in your face', it just sounds like you want to make a business building bikes and good for you, I have a blast and make money doing it from home, my only point is the market in my town at least is happy to pay $570 for a reliable safe quality bike and motor, and I don't have to re-build my new bike before I even start, they come good for $170-220 and even better in the $300-400 range for the high end shifter builds.

Just a business tip for you:
Set the bar higher than anyone else selling in your area with quality parts and see what happens for yourself, it sure as heck worked for me, I get as many $1000+ builds as I get $570 builds these days and repairing or usually replacing the bikes people bought from other 'cheapest way' builders in town ;-}
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