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Originally Posted by Mr. Minecraft View Post
O.o I learned a lot as well from this. So for example, is the super Titan the better 4 stroke, and the hua sheng thingy the cheaper one?
No, they are basically the same engine made in the same factory.
A Titan is just a relabeled Huasheng motor.

They are both copies of the Honda GXH 50cc with the difference
of the output shaft.

The super Titans claim of making 3 hp has never been proven and
all the evidence i have seen leads me to suspect that there is only
difference between a super titan, titan and huasheng motor is that
the titans have an oiling groove added to the connecting rod.

Also the Huasheng 50cc 4 stroke with the 5/8" shaft has 2 good
gearboxes available for it where as the Titan 50 cc 4 stroke has
the clutch built into the side of the motor which limits it to only
accepting cheap Chinese made gearboxes that came off pocket

Those cheap Chinese made gearboxes are so bad that unscrupulous
sellers will not even show what gearbox comes with the kit they are
selling in their ads.

Just to complicate matters there is a Huasheng motor with the same
clutch set up as a titan but no one seems to sell them anymore.

All the 50 cc 4 strokes above are good reliable, long lasting motors.

The big problem with buying a 50 cc 4 stroke kit is what gearbox the
motor is fitted with.

The only good 4 stroke gearboxes available are the EZ Motorbike
Q matic and the Grubee 4 G which has several problems that need
to be fixed to make them reliable.
If you want to buy a 50cc 4 stroke kit some more research will
save you money, time and aggravation.
There is a lot of good info in the 4 stroke engine forum.........
Good luck.
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