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Default Re: 0.0 Is this a CRACK?!

Regarding welding- any steel and most aluminums can be welded assuming-
1)The welder knows exactly what material he is dealing with &
2) The welder knows how to deal with it.
I am a gunsmith. I have had recivers welded back to rights by my tigman for many, many years. Several folks say don't do this- I have never experianced a breech failure, and I have practiced since 1975. If the welder can properly identify the steel he is working with, all is well. A car body man ought to know his biscuts here.
Regarding 'cheap department store bikes'- I EXCLUSIVELY build on WalMart Huffys. I have not experianced a frame failure yet... and that's after seven builds and three sales. My customers rave about my bikes- some treat them rather rough- and I've had more issues with the China Trollop motor and it's componants than anything else... tires run a close second... the rims, frame and forks are without issue. A pricey bike can fail just as easily as a cheap one- the only brand that sounds better to me would be a worksman... and someday I will go there and do that.
Mind you, I go through every bike- I inspect, dissasemble, clean, lube, re-assemble, adjust each machine before installing the motor. I do a minor re-wire of the coil ground lead of the magneto. The carbs now get the 'Howard Wedding Band' aluminum bushing to replace the nylon rubbish. The full electrical system is installed- head and tail, brake and turn, 6volt SLA battery with trickle off the white. PLUS the rather pondersome Howard hub mount is bolted onto the hub, useing the hard steel sprocket that comes with the China Trollop kit- I detest ragmounts- so the customer gets a rather thoroughly built machine.
Time invested with experiance makes a difference.
the Old Sgt.
Have you ever noticed.... those Polititians who want to ban private gun ownership also want to spend YOUR money like there's no tomorrow?

... Maybe they are afraid of us coming after them...?

the Old Sgt.
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