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Default Re: MY BGF is a P.O.C.

Originally Posted by Smoothe View Post
Yup, thats right, a big ole piece of you know whut... See what I get for trying to save some money?

Nice bike though, Firmstrong Urban 7 speed. The engine didn't have as much power as the Dax, so we ported & polished (it was badly needed).

Did you break it in properly and give it ample time to be broken in before you opened it up to "improve" it?

Then it ran WORSE. I lightened up the oil mixture and it ran WORSE. I pulled the carb, jetted it out a little more, and it ran WORSE. Like it's starving for fuel.

Did you ever "read the plug" to get a baseline before you "made improvements"? Sounds like it's very rich. Lessening the oil and "jetting it out" both would agravate this problem. Have you check the float for proper operation?

it goes put put sputter spatter. Changed the spark plug, no improvement. I may need to get a new engine.
I doubt you'll need a new engine, unless you've buggered up the insides somehow.
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