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Default Re: Old dog learns new trick...Welding!


The tank and frame look great. Nice repair on the frame indeed.

I just thought of this as I was reading your post and meant to tell you. If you look inside the door of the welder you'll see a chart that gives you the wire speed and heat for different thicknesses of metal and what wire size to use. Mostly #030 for regular work and #023/#025 for auto body metal but that size may need gas to shield it as you weld. I believe #035 wire is for heavier metal like 3/8" but you should grind it on a 45 degree angle on both sides if you can so it penatrates well.

We will have to get a metal thickness guage to make it easier to judge how thick the metal is.

I hope the experienced welders weigh in on this information.

It's like the fella years ago who brought some furniture into my shop and wanted it restored just like it was in 1875 when it was all new. He then proceded to tell me how to do it and he was right on the money.
Had to ask him since he knew what to do why did he bring it to me? His answer was, to me, a classic one.

"I ain't never refinished any furniture but I read all about it".

That to me was a WTF moment which I try to avoid doing myself if I can.

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