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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by Steve1990 View Post
Its actually the rear motor mount. broke right about the 400mile mark, so probably 200miles ago. its the left side, opposite of the clutch. When that happened I replaced the other 3 w/ grade-8 bolts. reworked the bracket for the rear mount and it is pretty solid, but the bike hasn't been running right for awhile and I noticed with it shaking as much as it does that their is more movement than I'd like in that mount. Worst part is, the stud is broken ~1/8 of an inch in, and I can't get a drill bit to NOT walk onto the softer aluminum to drill it out.
try to find a small piece of tubing that fits in the hole,and a drill that fits the will keep the bit close to center allowing you to get a mark started for drilling.
i have done this with good success.
a centre punch,good and sharp and a teenie drill bit will get it started too.
a pilot hole is always a good way to start.

third is for hard bolts,a carbide burr in (i prefer the ball shape) a slow drill will grind away the broken bolt.very slow and compressed air to blow away the chips.
i was the broken bolt guru in the shop i worked in for a few years,exhaust manifolds were my forte'
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