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Default Re: 0.0 Is this a CRACK?!

It seems to me you're waiting to hear what you want to hear... that it can be fixed easily and will be good to go. Some of the people here are very knowledgeable who are trying to give you good advice. And they are telling you to dump that bike and start with a decent frame. I've bought good vintage bike frames from the 1950's, made in America and well put together for $20.00 to $25.00, less than you're paying for your repair. Even on Ebay you can pick up a great frame and have it shipped to you for a hundred... and you have a sound foundation for a motorized bike.

If you're not willing to invest enough to make a motored bike safe then you shouldn't ride it.

And I wonder at selling a bike with frame issues to someone else. That frame should go to the dump in my opinion. How would you feel if that person got seriously hurt on a damaged bike you sold?

Good luck whatever you do and stay safe.
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