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Default Re: 0.0 Is this a CRACK?!

I have a Dynacraft 26" mountain bike. It's surprisingly thick aluminium for being a cheap bike, and I've never had issues with it showing any signs of stress or damage after almost 1800 miles. I think I may have just gotten lucky on it, as all the welds are really well done and it seems thicker than usual. Everything else on the bike has been upgraded around the frame (bearings, wheels, etc).

Also, buying an expensive bike isn't a guarantee for a frame that will hold up either. Bike shops often sell the same bikes that walmart does, and I'm pretty sure the bike shop doesn't fill the frame with some sort of magic sprinkles or something to make it better. It's better assembled, but the frame itself is the same. A high-quality name brand like Giant or Trek will carry a better frame, but in the end, NONE of these bikes were meant to have an engine slapped on them.

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