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Default Re: 0.0 Is this a CRACK?!

Originally Posted by LaLongueCarabine View Post
for a few reasons:
1. welding is not like gluing together two pieces of wood, welding leaves stresses in the metal. First the local weld area expands from the heat, the patent metal pushes back and when the weld area cools and contracts it leaves some of this stress.
2. unless they heat the weld area you will have a weld that heats and then cools real fast making the weld joint brittle.
3. the frame cracked in two directions, meaning that the frame was banged real hard against something or the steel of the frame was heat treated poorly and is junk.
4. Lastly they fact you want to sell, shows your confidence level isn't there and you distrust the repair.
Pertaining to you saying i am not confident in the repair. I need the money to build a super computer or a really nice 4 stroke bike. I was going to sell it anyways before i found the crack. You can even check my CG posting.
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