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Default Re: MAB Science continued

Originally Posted by mabman View Post
Well this is as far as we got with this session.
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Unfortunately we had some vendor issues that slowed things down last week. The drivetrain parts I had ordered to be delivered were sent to my home address instead, and even in one case to a home that I haven't lived at for two years. Vendors need to get their crap together and pay attention! I filled out the online forms properly but somehow they both chose to follow their own directions. Oh well, the weather was nice and we compensated by working on his other projects and getting some really nice bike rides in.

I am pretty pleased with how the frames turned out. The hardtail was a much easier build than the suspended one for sure and in retrospect we probably should have kept it simple and done both that way. But for some reason we kept forging ahead and at least it is done to this point. I really enjoyed the process of helping designing and selecting the tubing and working them up to be welded by Q. His welding skills are really top notch. Sure helps having a fully equipped shop also, including a CNC mill, and we used about every machine in there to do this!

A big bonus is there is a young guy across the street that is a tuner. He specializes in 4 stroke motors and suspension for MX type bikes. He has a nice shop also and is an accomplished machinist too. He did most of the small parts on the lathe for the suspension setup on the one frame. Thanks Craig! Also he happens to have a dyno at his shop which we will end up using after we get the bikes running to see what can be done to heat up the motors, we are targeting using the Robin 4 strokes and we want to run ethanol homebrew in the near future and will need to raise the compression considerably so and his assistance there will be invaluable.

I have to go back home for now but hope to get back to this in December between real world work assignments.
What kind of tubing are you using for your project, and where did you find it. I'm starting to think of my next project, and it invovles cutting a Limosine frame.
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