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Default Re: 24" freewheel/cassette hub with 12g or 11g spokes?

Originally Posted by mat_man View Post
If you could live without the cassette, these are:

A cassette hub is stronger hub because the bearings are farther apart.

Looks like a threaded freewheel to me.

without a cassette, I would not be able to install a shift kit, which is the entire purpose of rebuilding my bike and converting it to multi-speed. I already have a heavy duty coaster wheel, so there would be no point in buying a new rear wheel if it doesnt have a cassette. im not just replacing the wheel I have, im upgrading to a totally different setup. I emailed chainganglowrider, and they do not carry any cassette hubs. I am going to buy a 26" cassette hub with 12g spokes. im all set. mods, you can close thhis thread.
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