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Default Re: I was a motorbike virgin! Til now!

Originally Posted by perplexium View Post

How long should i really wait on breaking it in?
Will i need to do any maintenance after that period?
Where can i get a tuned pipe? and for how much?
Iridium Spark plug a good idea while i break her in?
And lastly can u give me any ideas as to why i cant get the kill switch to work?
If you feel up to it leave me some other comments too, Thanks a million Guys! (&girls)
2-3 tanks, you will know when it's broken in by the engine feel.


Shop around here for the pipe.

Not really just use a normal NGK.

What wires are you using? It's probably a bad switch or bad connection.

Mostly, just keep reading and searching here for the particular need.
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