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Default hello from Lincoln, ne

Hi I'm new to motorized bicycles. I've had a real moped for years but due to living on a 2nd floor and no garage and not trusting my moped locked up outside I have stopped using it.

I just had a engine kit given to me for free (the guy had lost his dl and thought he could use the kit on his bike not realizing he still needed a dl. He only used it for a week then got caught... The kit set for probably a year till I got it.)

I now have it installed on my 2005 schwinn typhoon cruiser and runs great for the most part. It seems to do best at a hair below wot and I don't know why. It also topped out at 24.8mph and is like to hit at least the 30mph the law allows but I know that will probably take a bit of work as I'm 210lbs and the bike with kit installed is 60lbs.

I'm not sure what brand or size the engine is but I do know its an angle plug... I'll put pics later maybe someone can help is it.

Can I pull the head off and measure the piston diameter to figure out the engine size?

I've looked around the forum a bit but if anybody has some cheap/easy mods that might get me closer to the 30mph range I want would be great.

Oh and I'm thinking about getting the head shaved to increase compression. Will this give much more power?
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