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Default Re: Very bad vibration.

Originally Posted by donphantasmo View Post
I have to say to anyone, if you have a bike, and it has any type of vibration, get a Manic Mechanic sprocket adapter. I went down 4 teeth. The adapter was very very easy, very well made and incredibly easy to install. I wondered why they had instructions along with the kit. It even came with Allen wrenches to install it onto the bike. Plus, I ordered it Monday, was at my house on Thursday. It was the best 75$ I spent on this bike thus far. Also, my chain doesn't rub the rear tire anymore (which was another problem I had)
Good to see that Manic Mechanics new owner is now selling sprockets with the adapters.
I hope that he stays in business as we need more sources of accessories.

PS: I have no connection to the new owner and only leave the MM link
in the race announcements as a gesture of thanks to previous support
from Jim.
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