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Default Re: 24" freewheel/cassette hub with 12g or 11g spokes?

I am doing a shift kit when I convert my cruiser to 6 speed, so no adapter necessary. I already have a 24" rim with a 6 speed cassette and 14g spokes. I can also find one just about anywhere I look. I require 12g spokes for two reasons. One, I dont trust 14g spokes on a motorbike period, and two, the front wheel I am purchasing will have 11g spokes. 11g spokes on the front and 14g on the back would look retarded. I doubt if I will find a cassette hub with 11g spokes unless i custom order it or have it built, but I think its possible that I might find one with 12g spokes, which wouldnt look so bad. Im just not sure where to look for the rim I want.
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