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Default Re: Sick Bikes HD~CNS throttle

Originally Posted by Hoze513 View Post
Has anybody use this throttle before? If so, how is it. My throttle cable broke? And I need to get a new one. But I don't want something thats going to brake right away. Thanks
Throttle cable is nothing special, you can custom make your own. Just get a quality cable from a bike shop with one end that will fit your throttle. To make the ball on the carb end just wrap a small solid wire (like telephone wire) around the cable at the position you want the ball, then solder it in place with regular electronic solder iron and solder leaving a ball about the size of the original ball end. You can manipulate the ball size with heat or trim/sand it with tools. It's super easy, I've done a few and never had a failure...
I'm not sure what Sick Bikes is selling as CNS throttle, I know the throttle I got with my kit for the CNS carb was plastic crap. (Though everything I have ever purchased from has been high quality) I bought an all metal minibike throttle with replaceable grips and have been really happy with that. Though I did have to rig up a stand alone kill switch since the minibike throttle doesn't have any switches.
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