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Default Newbe that's looking for quick advice on possible build.

Hi, I'm in Arizona.

I'm trying to start a build. I am 215lbs. There are many places that I want to ride that have hills. I've been looking at several options. I have 3 bikes,
1 full suspension (too expensive for this build),
2 no suspension mountain bike,
3 1958 Panther (Springer front end with no break)

I am considering three options;
1 Staton friction with a GX35 Honda.
2 Staton friction with a Subaru.
3 Staton friction with a GXH50.

My current choice is the GXH50.
I am worried that this combination may not be compatible.
Will it overpower the roller?
Can I switch to a bigger roller due to the increased torque?
Is the GXH50 really 50cc or like most Hondas less than indicated, under the 49cc limit.
Will dust be a major problem with this larger engine?

Thanks for any help
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