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Default Re: Quick startup and longevity

For a better pedal and to help the motor have less friction to overcome- take off the flywheel cover and put some clean heavy grease on the teeth of the gears- don't get grease down inside on the clutch pads, but on the gear teeth you'll hear an immediate lessening of motor noise and feel an easier pedal- also put grease on the shaft that goes through the motor sprocket wand that has the ball bearing behind it-
It really makes things smoother and takes just several minutes- you can take the clutch cover off- 3 screws- without disconnecting the cable itself. Get them tight again!

a 415 Trike/ Industrial chain is about $13 shipped and is twice as light as the kit chain- the width is the same , but the plates are smaller and sothe resistence is less-a smoother pedal and quieter chain- if you're not doing a lot of very rough riding- I've been using one on both builds since last summer without a mishap- search "415 Trike chain" on ebay and Amazon

If a motor gets harder to start- it's often an air leak- use an o ring in the carb, or make sure the intake/carb seal is airtight with silicon
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