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Default Re: Old dog learns new trick...Welding!

actually,a copper block,like 1/2" thick to absorb the heat,and weld wont stick to it.
the farther you hold the mig torch away,the worse the weld.butt joints need to be tack or spot welded and allowed to cool between out about 1" apart and cool,keep tacking and cooling.can grind welds a little to clean them up.
i prefer to lap as the welding doesnt need to be solid or continous.

there are many variables,
type of welder as in make/model/age
gas or no gas
type of gas used
wire thickness
metal type and thickness really old cars have kinda funky cars have very thin sheet metal and some body parts are really hard to weld.
rusty metals are harder to weld than shiney new stuff.

gaps to fill if parts dont fit very well.

welding towards ground clamp vs away from ground clamp can sometimes affect welds too.

when welding two different thickness metals,start on the thicker stuff and work onto the lighter material.

most important-good welding helmet,good gloves and an apron or welding jacket.
good gloves permit you to help steady the torch to the workpiece,a decent helmet of course helps you see,and the jacket keeps the sparks outta your shirt and or shorts.
i prefer the leather apron if i am sitting while welding.

always be in a comfortable work position,no hoses,cords or old 2x4's to trip on while walking around the work area.
i use a welding table and a tee type stand to rest my arm on at a comfortable working height.

the more practice,the more comfortable you are the betterer the welds.

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