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Default Re: Quick startup and longevity

Oh, as for longevity, make sure a couple of things happen.. Where the three wires come out of the motor, make sure you make them water tight. They get water in them, and sometimes short out the engine.
Also, make sure you have good quality two stroke oil in them. And make sure you aren't too rich or too lean on the oil side.. I mean not 100:1 or 10:1. And check your spark plug once a week.. That will let you know if your engine is running rich or lean. These bikes are lubricated only by the oil in the fuel.. Too much oil will leave residue in the cylinder and eventually foul your plug. Too title oil, and the engine will not be properly lubricated, and seize on you..soSomething like 16:1 in the first tank. 20:1 on the second tank.. Then you can be comfortable with 32:1 (50:1 if you have a good synthetic formula). These engines are very simple and built with ease. It isn't hard to kill them.. But it isn't easy to screw them up, either.
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