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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by Pilotgeek View Post
I've had the headlight on it for the last 1,000 miles and was living with a bell tail light crudely wired into it, but I wanted a more efficient tail light with brake. The whole system draws only about .3 watts, runs no different whether I plug it in or not except I have to turn the idle screw about 1/4 turn in.

Video of new lights
So it is drawing noticable power from the engine. You may not FEEL it in the powerband, but the plug is not getting the same spark it was before. But, If it still runs good enough for you then it don't matter. My original concern was about cold starting. If it still starts well while cold then you're OK I think.
Your lights seem to work well, Good job.
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