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Default Re: New engine worries ( 1st build)

Well I found the problem, The petcock is clocked wrong so when the lever is straight down it is just barly dripping, when at 45 degrees it flows a very small trickle, the holes in the seal are tiny, so I replaced the petcock with a drain valve which has full flow, went for a 15 minute ride and it ran fine ( although very rich which is what I want for break-in) Idle remained perfect through out the ride and the engine sounded good the entire time. I did port the intake and made sure it was sealed as well as inspected the crank seals.
I dont think jetting of an NT carb has any relationship to the RT carb, anyway, I am releived.
It would be nice if these kits came with at least usable parts, lesson learned, dont assume ANYTHING actualy works . I wonder if the people of China ever buy this stuff or just pawn it off on the stupid * rich* Anglos.
O-Well, on with the build.
Thanks for the advice and insight, much appreciated !!
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