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Default Re: Old dog learns new trick...Welding!

I'll be wanting to weld some nuts or couplers with like 1/4-20 threads for my skeleton frame (modular design so it can revert back to off highway woods motor bike) for the art cover on my motorized fish mobile. I have started on a cover of the other kind, sheet metal to cover large fast moving pulley and had a problem with punch through. Nothing other than a sucky way I figured out. I had the volts at least setting and even held the nossel farther back than what is right so that the little bits would accumulate and create a thicker area where welding was being done to attach two thin sheet metal parts. Then went over again with feed rate at slowest and the nossel at proper distance and tried to melt is smoothe. Not too sucessful, but is plenty strong. Maybe Bondo over. Don't have a TIG where I can just add heat so thin sheet metal is not being what I think a MIG welder does too easy or maybe some other hints on what I am doing wrong.

I forgot what had been said about using a copper sheet underneath to spread the heat out and the copper does not stick to the two piece of thin sheet metal steel. I can try that another time.

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