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Default Re: What got you interested in MB's?

Originally Posted by Sign Guy View Post
I wanted to ride my bike to work but it was 90% uphill and I was sweatin like a pig by the time I got there, then shower, etc. I had to get up 1.5 hrs before work just to get there and get cleaned up on time. With the motor I could save 1/2 hr and be there basically rested up. I could pedal home w/no problem. This worked well for probably 5 or 6 trips then the bike got harder and harder to start and now doesn't start - so now it sits in the garage :-(
I am not the most experience motorbike mechanic, but from what I have read, you might check your head gasket and see if it is blown. That would be a simple fix. You may not be getting any compression.
Anyone else have a take on this?
Let's help our discouraged friend here!
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