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Default New engine worries ( 1st build)

I have taken the bike for a couple short rides so far going super easy on it, it runs great at first but seems to be getting hot quickly and after about 3 to 5 minutes it stops idleing, shortly after that it sounds like its " pinging". This is a BGF slant head with a DAX carb with #75 jet, Stock exhaust.
Fuel mix is Golden spectro at 20 to 1 ( i've used this oil in my trails bikes for years at 70 to1) , the plug looks dark chocolate but not wet or oily and there is black snoz oozing from the pipe so I think its rich rather than lean, I am at 5000 feet elevation. If I let it cool for a few minutes it starts right up and idles.
So, should I be worried? is this just break-in woes? I cant find any threads on this so any advice and experiences would be appreciated.
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