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Default Re: This not-whizzer looks interesting

The last picture looks like a Sachs motorbike. Kreidler also made mopeds with lines like this one, but both made their own engines and this one looks like a Sachs. As far as Whizzers are concerned, I've heard stories from old timers who rode Whizzers cross country and used them for everyday transport.. The newer ones are a different story since they were made in Taiwan, not the US. You can still make the new ones perfectly reliable, but it takes a lot of upgrades and a good bit of money. Check Quenton Guenther's posts on the subject. I have a 99 WC-1 and now that I have it "fixed" I would take it anywhere. With a battery and alternator for lights/horn/turn signals, and brakes on both wheels, heavy duty rims and spokes and heavy duty frame, it's safer than some MBs. I added thorn proof tubes and better tires and swapped out all of my cables for heavy duty scooter cables for a little more insurance.
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