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Default Re: It didn't rain today,in my part of england,so..

Originally Posted by fordie View Post
Yes, yes and yes!!! Tho the local pub "The Dun Cow", is only about 1/4 mile away, we tend to walk there......and wobble back!! It's much better to go for a nice long ride in England's green and pleasant land, carefully leave the bike at home, and wander down to the pub, to a blazing fire, decent landlord, and proper real ale!! The pub does mainly Greene King beers, brewed near, in Bury St Edmunds............had a tour round the brewery a few months ago, got a bit pissed on all the free beer!

If you're ever in England, my friend, give us a look....we nearly have a spare bed, and as the cottage was built in 1706 there're several resident ghosts and beams to crack your head on (I'm only 5'7" so miss them!)..........ought to warn you that the roof leaks, and it rains a lot!!
Wow sudden memories of my time in Bakewell, north of Derby on the river Derwent. It is strange what people thought of a long distance (more than 10 miles!) and what went for mountain peaks. The odd North American and his odd accent. Rabbit or venison for dinner, good ale for lunch! I really enjoyed Greene King's offerings as I recall.

We have pretty good ale here in the Pacific Northwest, but often overhopped for the style. They know nothing of a Mild Ale. But alas it rains quite a lot!!
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