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Question Re: 2 Friction Drives Compared

I now have the Dax friction drive kit with the 1.25 roller installed. When new, the 1.25 roller would free spin in one direction (with the one way bearings). Now, I noticed it has somehow "frozen" onto the shaft and now behaves as a regular roller that is attached to the inner shaft.
When I first received the kit, the 1.25 roller had spacers on both sides with those little locking allen set screws and they were loose. After installation, I went ahead and moved the spacers inward towards the centered roller and tightened the set screws.
When my friction drive started making strange new noises upon deceleration, I investigated and found the now locked condition. Tried loosening the spacers to no avail. I used a flat head screwdriver between the spacers and the roller to try and budge it but it's stuck at this point.
I told myself no biggie cause the 1 inch roller is locked all the time too, but I would really like to have it operating as designed.
Has anybody running a friction drive had this happen to their 1.25" roller?
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