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Default Re: Old dog learns new trick...Welding!

very nice.i see your patience is paying off.
if you find your filler hard to sand,like some of the polyesters,a finer paper will cut better.
i prefer to work the filler as soon as its cured,the longer you wait,the tougher it is to rough in.
not that its necessary in your case,but i have made a bow out of thin plywood for working curved surfaces,it works very well.
working with the sandpaper in a criss cross pattern yelds a nicer end result and using a foam block on the paper will give a better finish also.
if i have pinholes in my filler,i will open them up with my knife so next coat fills the hole instead of closing it.

that wear looks kinda scary.
iffn it was me,i would clean it,remove the thinned parts with a small file and carefully tack weld,or very small short welds,cooling it with a rag after a couple tacks.if you could find a rod to insert into the gouge and weld it in,it may be another way to tackle would give you some backing to weld to.heating the frame too much will weaken it or at least make it brittle.unless it could be re-tempered after welding was done.

you need a piece of a similar frame to practice on.
good luck.

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