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Default Re: Old dog learns new trick...Welding!

I have some of that I purchased at NAPA... don't know what brand, but the putty stuff is red. Can I find it? No. I'll look some more tomorrow. Gave it another thin coat of Bondo this evening. Should be getting close to done with Bondo.

And now back to a welding question. I was done riding the Panther today and noticed something shiny on the frame... good Lord, the chain has been rubbing against the frame ( I forget what you call those frame parts, seat stay and chain stay I think) and worn a good bit of it away. I have a problem, not just in what caused the chain to rub in the first place. It didn't used to. I admit, I just get on this bike and ride it hard. It always starts, always rides nicely and I neglect it. I've been anticipating a makeover at some point and I guess now's the time.
This is serious. The frame is still sound incredibly, not that it would be much longer.

I took the bike completely apart this evening. They sure come apart quicker than they go together. Can I build this metal back up by welding it? How should I go about that? Do it in layers and grind it down some between layers of weld? A real welder could fix this. Fasteddy would flip that welding helmet visor down and just go at it. Am I in over my head or is this doable? Anyone's suggestion is welcome and appreciated. I'm still flux welding, no gas yet.

I considered not sharing this openly here on the forum. It is pretty humiliating and I'm ashamed of myself that I let this happen. But it is what it is and I am what I am. Now I want to fix it to make it right again. Once repaired the bike will get new paint, new leather for the seat and apologies for abusing an old classic. And of course it will have a new gas tank. I set it in the frame mid way in dismantling just for a look to cheer myself up.

I could have gotten seriously hurt if this went on much longer. It's kind of funny, but when I ran China girl motors I was all the time checking everything, half expecting something to have gone wrong. With these four strokes they just keep running so I have gotten complacent and don't much check anything. No more. Regular checkups!
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