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Default Re: Old dog learns new trick...Welding!

I checked the leftover sealer still in the small can and it is still fluid. So, it can be stored at least for a day or two, which meansthat you could do a nice job of painting it on one side, allowing it to setup and then painting the next side, etc until the whole tank was painted. The instructions made it sound like it would harden in the can in no time and not to leave the lid on the can. It's outside and I don't listen to instructions very well anyway. If I ever do another I'll paint the exterior and try to do a nice job of it.

My neighbor stopped over this afternoon to see what I've been up to and was looking at the tank as I was sanding on it. He flies float planes for a living and has used the same sealer with success on his planes. So that's good.

Photos show the Bondo goobered on to the tank and then the last shot shows it after some sanding. It will get another thin coat this evening to fill what was missed, then sanded again and if need be, more Bondo. It is best to apply the Bondo when it and the tank are cool, and not in direct sunlight as you need for it to spread evenly and there is little time before it sets up and no longer wants to spread. So, mix small batches. Tomorrow i hope to have it ready for primer. I'm also doing a little body work with bondo on the front fender and filling a dent in the front of the sidecar. Good stuff, Bondo. I even like how it smells. Ha!
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